The ultimate diamond slab…

among the most cited articles in Diamond and Related Materials published since 2010
The ultimate diamond slab: GraphAne versus graphEne” is one of the early works from the group presenting a comprehensive characterization of three carbon nanomaterials of technological interest: graphEne, graphAne, and fluorinated graphene. By means of first principles and tight-binding calculations in combination with analytical methods, we carried out detailed comparative studies of their structural, mechanical, thermal, and electronic properties. The calculated elastic properties of these materials confirmed their high mechanical stability and stiffness, which in association with their low dimensionality, translates into a large ballistic thermal conductance. Furthermore, we showed that while graphene is a zero-gap semi-metal, graphane and fluorinated graphene are wide gap semiconductors. Here we also discussed designed interfaces between these systems, and showed that their physical properties have potential applications in nanoelectronic devices.

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