Sunny Gupta wins Best Oral Presentation Award

Sunny Gupta, a fourth-year graduate student in Yakobson’s Group, has received a “Best Oral Presentation” Award at the 6th Annual SCI Summer Research Colloquium.

The nine judges who have listened in to all the talks were very impressed by the overall level of the presentations. They have recognized the outstanding quality of Sunny’s talk, and have assigned you one of the four SCI Bronze Oral Presentation Awards.

Sunny’s presentation covered his recent work on heterobilayers of 2D materials as a platform for excitonic superfluidity. After screening hundreds of 2D materials, a number of candidates were identified where spontaneous excitonic condensation mediated by purely electronic interaction should occur, and hetero-pairs Sb2Te2Se/BiTeCl, Hf2N2I2/Zr2N2Cl2, and LiAlTe2/BiTeI emerge promising. The predicted materials can be used to access different parts of electron-hole phase diagram, including BEC-BCS crossover, enabling tantalizing applications in superfluid transport, Josephson-like tunneling, and dissipationless charge counterflow.

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